From appealing design, easy navigation to relevant content, check out our features that will hook your audience at the first glance.

  • SEO optimized

    Search Engine Optimization is a crucial element of a website that helps your brand receive exposure without paid ads. You need to find the right keywords, craft compelling content, rank the website, and monitor your traffic. We know that as a business owner, you already have a lot to do, so let Teamody SEO experts do their magic. We do all the technical SEO work for you as part of the service.

    Search performed on a web page
  • Responsive design

    Responsive web design is the most important feature of a website. It allows the layout to scale itself automatically on different devices with different screen sizes. Without it, users have to put in extra work such as unnecessary zooming, resizing, and scrolling to view your content. Have mercy on your customers and let Teamody create an optimized and responsive website that will enable your audience to easily navigate on both desktop and mobile devices.

    Desktop and mobile screens
  • Fast loading pages

    Our developers build websites with a good loading speed. Fast loading pages provide better on-site service to your consumers. Users who are happy with the site experience can convert rapidly which automatically signals the search engine algorithm to rank your site higher among search results.

    Website takes off as a rocket ship
  • Multi-language support

    Only 25.2% of internet users speak English. This means limiting your website to one language can result in limited exposure to your brand. Therefore, we help you set up a multilingual website, through which you can reach a wider audience, enjoy a competitive advantage, boost your sales, and improve engagement with your target audience.

    International exposure
  • Optimized for Artificial Intelligence

    Here at Teamody, we code using Python to build your website. How does that benefit your company? Python is a popular language for AI frameworks and is considered the top choice for developing websites. As your business evolves, AI can help better understand your customers’ needs and so with our web designing expertise, we create a customer-centric experience, and provide a better interface for your users based on their wishes.

    Smart technologies
  • Continuous updates and support

    Continuously updating your site is how you improve its effectiveness. To keep your visitors happy, we continue improving the existing features and adding new ones, updating the website design, reviewing the pages, refreshing content, analyzing website statistics, checking your website search ranking, and much more. We also provide ongoing support to ensure that your website is running smoothly.

    Technical support
  • Copywriting included

    A clever and concise copywriting can turn your website into a converting masterpiece. Teamody has some of the most brilliant and experienced wordsmiths that produce the first-class copy for your website that entertains the readers, informs them with genuine information, and encourages them to take action. Don’t worry about separately purchasing the copywriting services. To save you time and money, our web designers and copywriters work together to create a copy that is optimized for SEO, resonates with the readers, and results in higher conversion rates.

    Content writing
  • Affordable pricing

    Finding affordable pricing for full-stack web development services is difficult. Some agencies are charging separately for each service that makes a huge financial burden on business owners. Teamody cares about your investment. We are offering complete web development services with all benefits and features combined at flat rates which are at least 25% lower than those of other firms.

    Money savings
  • Quick turnaround time

    We understand that businesses want to set up their online presence and create awareness of their brand as soon as possible. While some web developers can anywhere between 2 to 6 months to create a smoothly running website, our average turnaround time is only 3 weeks!

    Service delivered on time

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